Reviews for Conservative Hurricane

The Weekly Standard  "The Education of Jeb Bush"

"A timely reminder that Jeb Bush was and remains a deep-dyed conservative who was not reluctant to magnify and use all the powers of his office." --Martin A. Dyckman, author of Reubin O’D. Askew and the Golden Age of Florida Politics

"A detailed look at how Jeb Bush used enhanced constitutional executive powers, the first unified Republican state government elected to Tallahassee, and the force of his own personality and intellect to enact significant conservative political and policy changes in Florida." --Aubrey Jewett, coauthor of Politics in Florida

Reviews for Race, Religion, and Economic Change

"Portrays the fascinating, stubborn interplay among race, religion, economics, and Republican leadership in the new order of Southern politics." --Congressman Glen Browder, Eminent Scholar in American Democracy, Jacksonville State University (Alabama)

"Provides a striking example of a problem inherent to democracies: the most dramatic political successes--like the rise of the Republican Party in the South--often create situations in which effective governance becomes more difficult." --Stephen Baker, Jacksonville University (Florida)

Reviews for American Royalty

“Matt Corrigan’s provocative thesis—that presidents with familial ties pose a threat to the presidency and even to American democracy—uses the tools of a skilled presidentialist to examine a subject on everyone’s mind: the dynastic presidential politics echoed in names like Bush and Clinton. Presidential dynasty is nothing new (think Adams and Harrison). But the powerful modern presidency demands that we confront Corrigan’s arguments in this important new book.” —Robert J. Spitzer, Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science, SUNY Cortland and author of Saving the Constitution from Lawyers

“Matt Corrigan’s book raises serious questions every person should consider about the presidency in this postmodern, media-saturated environment.  We may be at a time in our polity when too much name recognition is a prelude to disaster.” —David Woodard, Professor of Political Science, Clemson University

“Corrigan’s American Royalty represents an insightful analysis of the prospects and challenges raised by the domination of the Presidency by two families. This provocative work is important reading for those concerned about the future of American politics and the status of democracy.” —David Gray Adler, Professor Political Science, Idaho State University